Protection and maintenance

Photo Title Description Technical Data Sheet
PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT Water based polyurethane aliphatic varnish

Two-component polyurethane aliphatic varnish with mat finish. It is easily applied in 2 -3 coats with a time interval of 15 – 30 minutes between them. Its rapid application makes it ideal for indoor, outdoor and renovations. Ideal final protective coating on PLANOCOLOR RESIN floors, significantly improving the surface strength of the coating. It provides mat finish and protects against dirt, water and oily pollutants. Packaging: metallic pots of (0,75+0,25)L and (3+1)L. 


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ACID CLEANAcid based detergent for removing cement and "hard" stains from ceramic tiles

Acidic detergent for all kind of acid resistant surfaces. Suitable for the removal of stains like cement, plaster, grout and cement based adhesive residues from PLANOCOLOR RESIN coatings. It does not emit fumes and doesn’t damage inox (not total immersion). Packaging: plastic pots of 1L and 5L.

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HARD REMOVERRemover of hard stains from natural stones and acid sensitive coverings


Transparent water dispersion liquid which when applied undiluted on microcement coatings, marble, concrete and in mineral surfaces, it reacts with stains like rust, traces of cement, dirt and creates a transparent residue which is removed with water. It doesn’t damage sensitive surfaces such as microcement coatings, but in surfaces like polished marble it is recommended to prepare a test area. Apply again if necessary and rinse thoroughly at the end. Consumption: 15 – 20 m²/L depending on the type of the application. Packaging: plastic pots of 1L.


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NEUTROCLEANERNeutral detergent ideal for daily cleaning and maintenance

Neutral detergent recommended for the daily cleaning of sensitive to acid, coverings. Ideal for daily maintenance of domestic coverings, like PLANOCOLOR RESIN coatings, ceramic tiles, stone, PLANOCOLOR decorative coatings and even sensitive coverings like polished marble, granite, wooden floors, PVC or linoleum. In high dilution, it doesn’t require rinsing. It is odorless and hypoallergic. Consumption: general cleaning: 1.200 – 1.500 m²/L (diluted 1:200). Packaging: plastic pots of 1L and 5L.

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ALCALINE CLEANER General purpose proffesional alkaline cleaner

Concentrated alkaline based professional detergent suitable for the removal of oily stains like waxes, rubber shoe marks, grease, rubber wheel marks from surfaces like ceramic tiles, natural stones (perform always a test area), PLANOCOLOR decorative coatings, barbeques, parking floors. It is also used for the removal of waxes or sealers. For special maintenance it can be used undiluted on a dry surface. Do not apply on sensitive polished coverings without testing. Always rinse well after its application. Consumption: 1 L/200m² (diluted 1:20), solid liquid wax removal 1 L/20m² (diluted 1:5). Packaging: plastic pots of 1L and 5L.

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UNIVERSAL CLEANER ALCAlkaline based detergent suitable for the daily maintenance

Alkaline based detergent suitable for the daily maintenance of coverings like ceramic tiles, stones, PLANOCOLOR decorative coatings from oily stains like waxes, rubber wheel or shoe marks, grease. Always rinse well after the stain removal. Do not apply on sensitive polished coverings without testing. Consumption: general cleaning: 1 L/100 m² (diluted 1:10). Packaging: plastic pots of 1L and 5L.

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