Fiberglass nets and fibers for mortar reinforcement

Photo Title Description Technical Data Sheet
FIBERGLASS NETHigh performance alkali resistant fiberglass net

High performance alkali resistant fiberglass net suitable for reinforcing low thickness mortars such SC ELASTIC or SC 200 PENETRATE, cement based mortars, plasters etc. It provides also a better control of the applied mortar thickness and the relative consumption. Dimensions: Height = 1m, Length = 50m.  

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THERMONETAlkali resistant fiberglass mesh

High performance alkali resistant fiberglass net certified for use in the reinforced base render on external thermal insulations. Dimensions: height = 1m, length = 50m. Weight: 140gr/m2. 

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REINFORCING FIBERSSynthetic fibers for reinforcing cement based mortars or industrial concrete floors

Synthetic fibers for the reinforcement of cement based industrial floors. Due to its special formulation they can be used also for reinforcing low thickness mortars such as wall leveling compounds, plasters, tile adhesives etc., in order to increase their tensile strength and slip resistance. They are available in 6mm length which is an optimum size in order to avoid intense accumulation of fibers. On industrial floors with NOV ADUR S final cover use 600 - 900/m3 of concrete. For low thickness mortars use 300 - 500gr/1.000Kg of dry mix. Its biggest advantages compearing to other reinforcement systems is the ability to reinforce the mortar to all directions as well as that it doesn’t rust in the long run. Available in plastic bags of 20 pcs.

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