Epoxy grouts and Sealants for expansion joints

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Photo Title Description Technical Data Sheet
NOVAGROUT EPOXYAcid resistant ceramic tile joint grout with "porcelain" finish R2T RG

Two component epoxy grout and acid resistant tile adhesive. Available in a whitish paste form of 4,55kg which is mixed with the pigment in powder form EPOCOLOR (450gr). It is used for the installation of ceramic tiles on substrates like metal or existing tiles and also for bonding and/or grouting tiles inside swimming pools, factories, tanks containing chemicals and in general areas subject to chemicals or heavy use. Tiles placed with NOVAGROUT EPOXY can receive light foot traffic after 24hours at +23°C and 50% R.H. The special formulation NOVAGROUT EPOXY FREEZE is suitable for applications in low temperatures (>00C). Consumption: 1,5kg/m²/mm of thickness. Packaging: plastic pots of 4,55kg.


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EPOCOLORMultipurpose pigment in powder form


Multipurpose pigments in powder form. Mixed with epoxy grout or coating systems as well as polyurethane systems such as coatings or paints. Available in shades 00, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 40, 41, 42, 44, 46, 55, 62, 72, 74, 80 of the Novagrout color chart and in RAL 1019, 5003, 5012, 6002, 7042. Special shades are provided on request. Packaging: plastic containers 450gr. 

EPOCOLOR WOOD LINE Specially formulated composition and shades of EPOCOLOR mixed with the epoxy base of NOVAGROUT EPOXY, weighing 4.55kg, provide joints with high chemical resistance that at the same time resembles most parquet tiles (90, 91, 93, 95, 96 , 97, 98, 99). Packaging: plastic containers 450gr. 


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NOVAGROUT DECO EPOXYAcid-resistant epoxy grout to be mixed with glitter enhanced pigments, available in 9 different colors, for joints with sparkling effect

Two component epoxy grout enhanced with glitter. Available in whitish paste form (plastic pots of 3kg) which is mixed with the pigment in powder form NOVAGLITTER (plastic pots of 300gr). It is cleaned up easily with clean water whistle fresh. After mixed with NOVAGLITTER provides a luminous effect which normal cement based or epoxy grouts cannot provide. Ideal for inox mosaic or similar tiles. Packaging: plastic pots of 3kg.

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NOVAGLITTER Pigment in powder form mixed with glitter for use with epoxy resins

NOVAGLITTER are inorganic or organic based pigments mixed with glitter that work with resins in order to create colored surfaces depending the requirements of each application. When NOVAGLITTER is mixed with NOVAGROUT DECO EPOXY allows us to create joints of high aesthetics and strength. Moreover NOVAGLITTER pigments can be mixed with transparent epoxy resin PLANOCOLOR EPOXY to create colored floors (i.e. exhibitions, night clubs) and generally in horizontal surfaces (i.e. tables, benches) creating high aesthetics surfaces with excellent resistance to chemicals. Packaging: plastc pots of 300gr. Consumption: depending on the application. 

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NOVACOLOR HNROne component general purpose acetic silicone sealant for expansion and movement joints

High performance neutral silicone sealant recommended for movement joints. It is available in specific colours of the relevant NOVAMIX colour chart.  It is suitable for swimming pools, external floors and for expansion joints between natural stones. For total water immersion or between absorbent surfaces like natural stones, it is recommended to first seal the joints with PRIMER NR 2K. Packaging: 12 pieces of 280ml cartridges.

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PU 500High performance one component elastic polyurethane adhesive and sealing product

One component polyurethane sealant uesd for movement joints. Recommended in applications where a fast seal and high resistance to wear is required. It can receive paint. Suitable for floors, walls, glass or metal. Colour: white and grey. Packaging: 12 pieces of 600ml.

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