Adhesives and special cement based compounds in powder form

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Photo Title Description Technical Data Sheet
NOVACOL KR D3Fast setting ready to use adhesive for bonding wood

One component water dispersion adhesive. It is used for fixing wood or making wooden constructions. After it sets it becomes transparent and it can be grinded and polished. Although it has a good resistance to moisture it is recommended only for internal use. Consumption: 150 - 200 gr/m² depending on the type of application. Packaging: plastic pots of 500ml, 1kg and 5kg.

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NOVABOND FRFire resistant, cement based adhesive for fixing and grouting firebricks inside areas of high temperature

Fire resistant cement based mortar suitable for bonding and grouting firebricks. It is used for making fireplaces, barbeques and generally constructions exposed to high temperature up to +1.2000C. Applications where NOVABOND FR has been used can be exposed to high temperatures after 7 days. Small test of fire place workability can take place after 24 - 48 hours. Consumption: Depending on bricks size and joint width. For bricks  20x10x3cm3 with 1cm wide joint 5kg/m2 of wall is required. Color: grey. Packaging: plastic bags of 5kg and paper bags of 25kg.

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NOVACOL PBCement based adhesive and plaster for masonry block walls made from porobeton

Cement based adhesive mortar certified for fixing expansive block masonry. It has an extended open time providing easy application process. It can also be applied with flat trowel as a levelling compound in a small thickness (6mm) without the need of special primer. Consumption: 12 - 15kg/m3 of wall. Color: white. Packaging: paper bags of 25kg.

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NOVACOL GLCement based adhesive and joint grout for glass brick walls

Brilliant white, one component and fast curing cement based mortar certified for the fast bonding and grouting of glass bricks on walls. It is thixotropic with excellent adhesion to non absorbent materials. Ideal also for restorations since it facilitates the fast building of the glass brick wall. Consumption: 12 - 15kg/m3 of wall. Color: white. Packaging: plastic bags of 5kg and paper bags of 25kg.

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FC 10Multi purpose fast setting and hardening hydraulic mortar

Fast setting cement based compound which sets within 10 min. It is recommended for various fast applications such as fixing heating panels, door frames. It can be used for fast cement screed repairs, bonding tiles in repair jobs or for drain formation prior to the application of waterproofing mortars such as SC 200 PENETRATE or SC ELASTIC. Consumption: 1,5 kg/m²/mm of thickness. Color: grey. Packaging: plastic bags of 5kg.

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NOVABOND PS FLEXOne component highly flexible cement based adhesive for bonding and smoothing thermal insulation panels on facades

Cement based and highly deformable adhesive (S2 according to EN 12002) ideal for fixing insulating boards on substrates such as cured concrete or  bricks. With THERMONET incorporation can be used as base coat reder prior to the application of the final decorative plaster, on thermal facades. It has great slip resistance for easy wall application and extended open time in order to be applied in exterior. Consumption: 1,4 Kg/m2 of thickness. Color: white and grey. Packaging: paper bags of 25kg.

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